reversing the tide....

In a book Im reading called "The Healing Path" by Dan Allender, he writes: Life is captivity littered with the disappointment and partially satisfied yearning: captivity to a body that does not work as we wish; captivity to a heart that longs for freedom to truly love, to worship from the depths of our being and does not; captivity to the particulars of our culture, race, socioeconomic history, and era, when we would rather be radical, world-conscious Christians...But in every arena of life, I LONG to burst free of the constraints of my flesh, soul, and world…" 
He continues to write, knowing it is not us or ourselves individually who can actually burst free from the constraints of our flesh, soul, or world.  It actually takes an act of God and his power giving us the ability to break free from a life that so easily entangles, and with a hope of tomorrow, its by HIM that we are able to move forward - with HIS help. Each and every step of the way. "To the degree I kn…

Current reality...

Well..... <insert sigh>
Here's the reality: There are days that seem beautiful & bright, and everything feels right! Then there are the other days. Those days you just don't know. You get through it because you have to. You put on your best face (makeup & all, because you know it could be scary not to 😜) and you show up!
This was one of those days.
I had spent a good part of it fighting for the self-worth of a friend who was believing lies about her existence. Encouraging her in the midst of some deep pain & feelings of loss, offering what I knew to be true of His promises to never leave or forsake, that God sees her, that he knows every broken place, that he wants to heal and redeem even the places we don't know we're broken in....
But fast forward & then it hit me: the depth of questions & emotions. Struggling as an artist wondering if anyone really understands my call. Curious if I was pursuing the wrong "call" or direction af…
"May you feel the warmth of His light today. May you know He is near even if it doesn't feel like it. May he heal your broken places. Draw you in closer. Show you that he is a God of faithfulness. He can redeem anything. Restore dreams. And bring joy! He loves calling you His beloved, He's fond of you, and He desires to give good gifts to the ones he loves because he's a good good father. He has not forgotten. He's still at work. And he can do immeasurably more than you can ask think or imagine...
{Wendy Henkelman}

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” Psalms 106:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬ //


I have the privilege of contributing to Still Waters Publishing Co among some incredible talent! if you're wanting some fantastic reads and new writers to follow; check out some of the blogs we featured over the last two months on Calling.
Many of us can relate to the question of asking "What have I been called to?" Or "How can I in…

Hearing His Voice Apart From The Hustle... a STILL WATERS Piece

Honored to have gotten to share some of my writing this week with Still Waters Publishing: "Hearing His Voice Apart from the Hustle" 
<repost: Have you ever heard the quote by Corrie Ten Boom, "If the devil cannot make us bad, he will make us busy?" Today's article by Wendy Henkelman address the key roles of busyness and stillness as they apply to finding and pursuing God's calling on our lives. What's keeping you busy? Is it worth it? Tell us what you think. Photo by @wj_blondie, post by @sarahverno>

I recently read an article about obedience over hustle and found it quite profound. The reality is if most of us were to look at our lives, rarely would we describe them as calm and restful. Agree? But instead of saying busy and chaotic, we throw around the word “hustle” like it’s a good thing.

Then who ever really talks about obedience? The big profound question in the article was what happens when we’re challenged to slow down the ‘hustle’ to fo…

National Down Syndrome Day

In honor of World Down syndrome day today; Id like you to meet Mark and Mike! Some of my favorites! They competed and weight lifted w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80s, believe it or not with the special Olympics; and they continue to bring love and laughter to those around them!!! 

I've so enjoyed getting to be part of all that @activ8sports does and the annual Tebow Foundation's Night To Shine #nighttoshine

From the twins pictured here to hundreds of beautiful men and women who love without bounds, embrace one another, and truly teach people about the purity and radical love of God! I am a better person because of amazing faces like these. #nationaldownsyndromeday

Love Never Fails - Happy Valentines

It's known as the "love passage" but there's some profound points of 1st Corinthians to recall & remember... love is not proud, self-seeking or easily angered; it keeps NO records of wrongs, 
LOVE does not delight in evil!! 
It ALWAYS protects, 
ALWAYS trusts, 
ALWAYS hopes and 
ALWAYS perseveres--- 
love truly conquers all and ultimately love NEVER FAILS! ....

Yes some of the words are left out (above in the passage) but bottom line; LOVE is the greatest evidence we're connected to the heart of Jesus; and even if we can do great things, when we don't live and operate in "loving" others then it's pointless....

Take a moment to slow down. Just think: there are people around the globe so void of love or feeling loved that it's crushing! Victims of abuse and sex-trafficking, people of the slums, the family member ex-communicated because of their "issues," the heartless man or woman was once a victim too... 

Perhaps if we changed our stance…

A New Morning Will Come...

Look at it. Just still. So crisp. The crackling of the snow beneath my feet as I take it all in. Captivated by beauty. Every detail. The gorgeous blues & the white peaks.  The green tips of the trees; the water almost frozen too. And then there's the shadows: the dark parts. Jagged edges of rock define the mountainsides & bring more attention to the peaks!

How many times in life though, we wrestle with the shadows & wish them away?!
We long for things to be a breeze; when much like this picture, if there wasn't any storms there wouldn't be any beauty. The sights that cause us to stop and pay attention would be dull.
If it were grey all the time we wouldn't get to appreciate the beauty produced by the storms.

Much like these mountains; had they not endured a storm, we wouldn't get to experience the snow and the delight it is either!

The challenging part of life comes when you're in the thick of your storm, and you can't seem to grab hold of anyth…