despite the social façade

God = Is = Able.
Any way you add it up. This is something we can know for certain in our hearts in regard to any and every impossible situation we’re facing. It is something we can keep turning our lives toward with confidence every minute of every day. Any day. Like today.

He can do it.
He is able.
That’s the truth.
Bank on it.
I know this to be true and yet when my heart is broken into a thousand pieces and the tears flood my eyes, I struggle to lift my head.

"Lift your head up princess if not the crown fall" as a popular post on Pinterest has been seen. There's another circling picture of a girl and a crown sliding forward and soooo many of us can relate.

You are not alone.

Ohh, to take away the pain from last month's devastation.

To replace those moments of anger with conflict management and the "right choice of words" so I didn't lose my job.

Having not gone home to pick up the lunch you forgot, only to confront the infidelity.

If only the soccer ball wouldn't have rolled in the street, she would have been starting 2nd grade.

If those bags would have gone unpacked, I could have saved that relationship...

If the results didn't point to malignant...

If only the matches weren't there or the fire didn't catch wind...

Surrounded by a world of façade through social media and happy posts, we are misled to believe everyone is living a life free of pain, hurt, baggage or problems, and yet if we stopped for a moment to learn the deeper workings of the person you passed at the counter on your way to retrieve your venti sugarfree vanilla latte, I think we would actually quickly learn how other's stories, although different, have their own battles to fight.

The enemy wants us to think we're alone.
He wants to convince us that we're the only one with 'that exact' issue and people wouldn't understand, accept or even know what to do with a story as wrecked as yours. Guess what? He is a LIAR! He’s out to steal, kill, and destroy and if he can do that through one thought going un-caught, he will. And he will use whatever he can to destroy you. And if you think about it, the funny thing is, before you think he's at work in your life, he convinces you:

you should ____,
you need ____,
You're totally entitled to ____,
of course you can____
everyone else does ____,

and the moment you come to a face to face encounter with the God of the universe and understand HIS holiness and plans to give you a HOPE AND A FUTURE the enemy will switch tactics and get you to feel nothing less than shame, guilt, insecure, afraid, outcast, different, not enough, and the list goes on an on and on. :( You see. He doesn't really care if you succeed in life and your greatest weakness will become your greatest demise if you let the enemy run with it.

BUT... The rest of the verse in John 10:10, says "I have come to give you life, and life to the fullest" which guess what?? That means VICTORY!!! IN Christ there is no condemnation and HE is here to restore and redeem all the broken parts of life by living with and through your pain WITH you!!

You've lost a loved one? He is your comfort.

You've broken a relationship? He will mend your heart.

You were let go? He will provide.

You chose wrong? He will make it right.

We know that in ALL THINGS, God works together for the Good of those called according to his purpose and you can sure as heck bet on Him having a PLAN for the GOOD of your life and he WILL REDEEM Your story!!!! Whether its in 2 days, 2mos, 5years, or takes a life-time, Jesus is ALWAYS at work behind the scenes of things in our lives and although still hard to believe when we cannot see his hand; we CAN trust His heart because HE IS GOOD! -- and NOT just some of the time, but ALL THE TIME.


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