enough with the parade, we want a Flash Mob!

Im on a quest. a quest for more. It might be because I get a little antsy and restless when I dont have adventure in my life or something exciting around the corner like a sweet birthday celebration or fantastic concert to plan and promote; but I actually think its because I dont want to just sit on the sidelines of life and watch it go by withouth doing something about it.

You ever think back to when you watched parades as a kid?

Everyone would get all bundled up (because it was usually like negative 12 outside and still wouldnt have enough layers! ha:) 

You would pile into a car with your family to go park in some random neighborhood, to then get out to go sit on a curb, and freeze... Then you and your sisters or brothers or friends and parents would watch all the neat floats and high school bands, and cool cars with lights pass you by. 

A Princess from a-top a float would wave to you and you'd get excited. The flag twirlers would walk by tossing their flags in the air, and the boys playing the drums would walk ever-so-tall beating that tympany, like it was their job, -- and somehow as a child, we were enamored by all this! (or so our parents thought for years! ha.) 

I think about parades I saw when I was 6 or a few years older and how much I actually never really truly loved going to watch them. It could have been the frigid weather we all would forget until the next year in the same negative temps. ha. Or perhaps it's probably because I actually wanted a part IN The Parade and i was usually sad I didnt get to be. I wanted to sit in the convertible car and throw candy out to excited kids, play in the band, or dance in the streets with my uniform and hair all fancy!

Course, there's the nostalgia of the Christmas parades and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade that put all other parades to shame, but THESE are the parades worth the party! Worth attending and the ones that attract everyone to pay attention. 
THESE are the exciting ones we all want to stop and watch, get inspired, and join in the fun! Just like the NYC ball drop! It could be negative 10 or a balmy 20 degrees out, and not that glamorous of a night, but just to say you did it, would be worth it! Am i right?! And Just to be under the ball as it drops in TIME SQUARE! Ahhhh, just imagine the magic! AND the memory for years to come. 

And so it leaves me wondering. . . 

How many times do we get caught up in the magic of a moment and truly let time stand still? Verses the times we are on to the next best thing and the next party or the next dinner date or the next play time or event?

I had a friend tell me I had a restless spirit and to learn to be still. 

He had some validity in this.

Thankfully he was speaking from a loving heart so I could eventually hear this, but from first words, I wanted to immediately react and tell him how he knew nothing about what my life was like or how long I had held on to a vision I was given, and point out the years I've been on the quest of my "calling" so to speak. I didnt though. And thankfully, I held my tongue.
Thankfully, I had identified that him telling me this was a trigger from my past, and the Lord actually gave me the grace and ability to respond and say "I know. I've been told this before." and continue on to say I called it more of a "FREE-spirit" which i already totally know I have this! I had explained that its not necessarily that I had a restless spirit because I didnt know how to be still or that I always want to run to the next best thing, but it was this longing to see something come to fruition! Like when something in your life has lingered so long that all you want to do is continue striving towards that vision/goal/dream and not rest until you see that come to be; that's what it was about. Im not restless. I know how to rest. I am just seized by vision and I dont necessarily think its a bad thing.

Thankfully I was able to identify this as a trigger because unfortunately this was used against me and the very thing which was so 'attractive' to persons from the past about my personality being my "free-spirited-ness" was the very thing that turned to bite me.  What I've come to realize, is that's too bad for them. They are missing out.  

Now, please hear me right. Im not trying to say Im the greatest because Im free spirited and can get on a plane next week and go on an adventure for 21days. (which I just happen to be going to Hawaii and then SoCal next week, buuuuut thats beside the point;) haha. seriously. I KNOW I am not the "greatest" because Im doing this. I Do believe Im incredibly blessed because I actually get the opportunity to do this! And Im trying to seek this as an opportunity to continue awakening my heart for more! More adventure, more stories to tell, more stories to hear, more things to experience and more chances to love and learn from people and HIM! As my friend and I talked about a well known and radical speaker and teacher, Francis Chan, we resonated with his passion for God and passion to not just know him but to experience him and the power of his presence daily! And we agreed: we dont want to just sit on the sidelines. We want to know God. But MORE than that. We want to EXPERIENCE Him. And not just something we look back like a memory of "Oh hey, remember that time you 'experienced' God move 4 years ago when you were selling your house in the midst of a crappy housing market?'" BUT with more of a "WOW. I saw and experience God move - TODAY! Listen to this...." and get to share what he is doing in and through us TODAY!

I've come to a place that while Im all about doing what's necessary to seek that adventure and go after where HE is moving, Im also okay with settling a bit. Even if my life might not have a normal 9-5 consistency, I am okay with the day to day, I just want to pay attention more to relish in moments and look for the parts where they can come to life! Can you tell Im a slight optimist?:)

Theres a fabulous quote I've heard in several movies: “Life is not the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away.” But I wonder.. is life really about the in between time and the moments that might seem dull where we really live out our journey? 

We all hear fantastic stories of friends who got to travel through Europe for 6-months and see all kinds of different sights and experience all kinds of crazy things. We know the ones that are gone somewhere every month conquering another mountain or taking various ski and snowboard expeditions. Or the friends who are on another beach diving into the oceans' abyss to see more of God's creation - but these are moments of awesome heights and experiences mixed with some slower points of life. Not every fantastic road trip to the Grand Canyon has breathtaking views along the way... Its WHEN you get there! and THATS what creates that euphoric celebration!

We know nurses that are saving lives and we celebrate their victories! But we forget about their daily job of loving children with life-threatening illnesses thats heart-wrenching and hard to face when all is not well :( We know teachers that will teach tomorrows scientists that will find a cure for cancer! But we forget about the countless nights they fall asleep grading papers to have to be early to rise so they can greet their first graders with a smile. We know men and women, young and old, that risk their lives to protect our houses and streets while we sleep, and fight noble causes, but even keep our roads safe which might not be glamorous. And the list goes on and on of amazing people who are doing amazing things with their lives and we get to hear these incredible stories, so they leave us wanting what they have or wanting a bit more, um... excitement! BUT the truth is: We want more excitement in our lives because it all sounds so glamorous! We dont just want the parade and the boring parts between. We want a FLASH MOB. The lights camera dancing and action; all at once!  

But perhaps its not daily all that glamorous. Even I have had amazing and wonderful opportunities to travel the world, experienced incredible sights, worked on cool events, and been part of miraculous life-changing stories (and still have a million more I want to experience in this lifetime)

And yet.... because I do want to live not just IN the moment, I want to live for what's next and where does God have me and what can I do for him? I will argue think it could be some of both. It just doesnt always look like it.
*a midwife helping to deliver a baby while the mother screams and cries to then hold her baby & experience the life in her arms she just gave birth to. 
*a child bringing home a report card of straight As after struggling the past 6mos to raise his grades from Cs to As by trying harder, even when the math is really really complicated and confusing
*a girl meets her soul-mate after years of singleness and several broken relationships and scars to prove the abuse
*an anniversary of a couple celebrating their 50th after walking the road of life: cancer scares, financial crisis, kids turning away from home, losing parents; but the sweetness of getting through it all makes their 50th all the merrier.

THESE I are moments I believe we are made for! 

These are the moments I believe BOTH colide: both pursuing MORE and wanting to seek adventure and the excitement of life while being okay to live IN the present and get through the daily struggles, but I will risk to say its only possible to REALLY TAKE IN all the moments and live out the MORE if we're in tune with who we are and what our heart is saying.

Although Im on a quest for more, its because I dont want to just sit on the side-lines of life numb or letting it pass me by. Even if I am resting and learning to be still while I pursue people and God, fully living life and make the most of every single day in every possible way that I can I believe is possible. . . And sometimes, maybe the 'wakeup' we need is by having a friend tell us we're restless so we can focus on TODAY and not running into the future, so we dont miss it.

Its a gift. Thats why they called today the PRESENT.
Now I intend to live it. 
Will you? 

There is a really cool teaching/sermon I heard the other day that pretty much wrecked me. And Althought I dont know whether
the next 21days of my life will drastically change in terms of my career and calling, this teaching was rad enough to inspire some action. And it might encourage or challenge you where you're at too. . . Even if its right WHERE you're at and to stay put: Listen/watch it here. (https://vimeo.com/15937946) Its by Dominic Bali, at Reality Carpenteria before he pursued his full time music career as CaliRockReggae Artist!  


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