Meaningful, not easy...

"Women, the world needs you more than ever to embrace grace & who God’s called you to be" 

 -- I stumbled upon this post tonight and I couldn't agree more.  I am so thankful for the amazing women in my life who have chosen to not only model this but walk along side of me IN LIFE and also choose the same! 

It's not easy.  By ANY means is it easy to follow Jesus, speak life into others, cultivate true beauty and actually love other people at all times! (People are mean, rude, selfish, and hurting and they definitely are good at showing this to others when they feel this way:( BUT I also daily see and interact with some of the most amazing people too who are CHOOSING to follow Jesus, speak LIFE into others who need it, represent and draw out beauty they've seen and stumbled upon in life and nature (helloooo instagram!)  and actually do a fairly excellent job at really loving others (seemingly well, all the time!)   I know it is definitely NOT by my own strength in which I choose to embrace what God has called me to do, to embrace grace (even for myself) to embrace life and live it to the full, but I do believe it is possible!! AND I believe it is worth EVERY SINGLE STEP! It is worth the fight and the endurance to continue running the race HE has marked out for us... AND I SO CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT EPIC JOURNEY HE CONTINUES TO TAKE ME ON!   Can you?!?  

So, I am excited to share that I am going to be doing a series of Video blogs and interviews with some of the FINEST(yes, they are dead sexy;) people I know!  And the reason I want to announce this now is for you to be anticipating the launch and ask you to pray. . .  It is my hope that I can share stories with you that will deliver messages of Hope, restoration & redemption, inspiration, wisdom, even truth while encouraging and challenging many of you as a reader too!!!   A lot of these stories involve Jesus.  And like the picture above, I believe it to be valid.  Knowing Jesus does NOT make life any easier, but it does fulfill my life with purpose and makes every breath meaningful.

I believe this about the stories I am going to be sharing: Meaningful!

For as long as I can remember, my dream has been to tell people's stories.  To share journeys and adventures and life with people, but a lot of this "sharing" so to say hasnt been actually ON the mountaintop, or along side the hospital bed, even at the courthouse, or next to a friend when the phone rang. A lot of times it was in the moments after the trials, through the valley, or after the long-haul when I've been blessed to hear just pieces of testimonies. However, to hear and learn and share in the journey of life and storytime with these special friends, I believe they EACH have something to share with the world; and I believe its part of sharing their stories that will continue to unite others to keep living bravely and authentically before others.  Perhaps their stories are waiting to be told so YOU could be one of the ears to hear.  Perhaps through the loss of a baby, the passing of a loved one, a spouse who walked away, a sibling who was the prodigal, or the struggle of a disorder or addiction; that even YOU might be ministered to.  This is my hope.  My hope is not to create some phrase that gets all popular about Him "being first" because we all know our aim should be to be second in line when it comes to Jesus! My aim is to share messages and stories of hope. To be a Voice for the Voiceless.  To Communicate stories of HOPE in this broken world we call 'home' and perhaps give you as the reader or the audience, a glimpse of someone else's journey which JUST MIGHT BE that ray of sunshine and light to see beyond the tunnel.

The watermark on these pictures, I've recently stumbled upon says it so well:  MADE FOR MORE.
"We all have, if only as a quiet whisper, a voice within our souls calling us to awaken our creative essence" says Erwin McManus.  

We are Made for more. . .
May Jesus give me the ability to embrace grace AND My calling to communicate these stories of hope.
Will you, as a woman today, do your best to embrace grace and who God has called you to be? The World NEEDS YOU! And fellas... the world desperately needs MEN who will step up to the challenge to LEAD and LOVE well.  To fight against sin and live sold out for who you've been called to be!?! (We, as women need this and want this!)  Will you embrace who God has called you to be?

Cant wait to start sharing stories.... (eeeeek!:-D) 
Will keep you posted. . . 
but till then remember:  YOU were made for MORE!  
You have a reason and a purpose for being here or God would have taken you home already.  

From my heart to yours, know: he has GREAT PLANS for you! Jer. 29:11 


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