focusing in: fairytale amongst the abyss

"That Moment of your life when you have one foot in a fairytale and one in the abyss" 

It's at the base, in the valleys, where all you see is the depths of hope and the longing for a prayer to be answered, that if you're not careful you will get stuck - right where he wants you; the enemy of your soul! It's cold. It's dark & all you can see is the unanswered prayers before you. Its almost crippling.

But light shines through. You occasionally get glimpses of something beyond. You know there's got to be more! You long for that fairytale to unfold, and so you continue through the climb and as you catch glimpses of HIS beauty and God's creation: it gives you hope! He gives you views of what He is up to, and boy it is good.

As the journey continues, to live in a constant tug-o-war between the two takes patience and perseverance. Don't get stuck looking down for too long, you may never see what he has past the horizon! He has plans for more! Keep trekking upward!!

Once we access the top, it's on those mountaintops we can see various valleys and mountaintops we've ventured through to become who we are -

It is here where I find myself currently . . .

I'm starting to see the fairytale unfold and yet so unbelievably aware of the depths of unfulfilled requests I hold. Sometimes it's too deep of a burden to carry for long. However, because I can look at the journey of the past, the ups and downs, the hard work, heartbreaks, trials, even completely amazing triumphs, accomplishments, lessons learned and places of growth; I can be thankful for each step of the journey-- it is here where HE continues to remind me of His GREATNESS, that He has journeyed WITH Me all along, and the amazing plans He really does have ahead. 

And I can finally see past that horizon. . .
It's just a glimpse, but for now; I'll take it!


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