A New Morning Will Come...

Look at it. Just still. So crisp. The crackling of the snow beneath my feet as I take it all in. Captivated by beauty. Every detail. The gorgeous blues & the white peaks.  The green tips of the trees; the water almost frozen too. And then there's the shadows: the dark parts. Jagged edges of rock define the mountainsides & bring more attention to the peaks!

How many times in life though, we wrestle with the shadows & wish them away?!
We long for things to be a breeze; when much like this picture, if there wasn't any storms there wouldn't be any beauty. The sights that cause us to stop and pay attention would be dull.
If it were grey all the time we wouldn't get to appreciate the beauty produced by the storms.

Much like these mountains; had they not endured a storm, we wouldn't get to experience the snow and the delight it is either!

The challenging part of life comes when you're in the thick of your storm, and you can't seem to grab hold of anything to keep you from drowning. And while there will be an end, perhaps you're doing all you can to hang on! *You're in the middle of your trial just begging for air; wondering "When it will let up!?" Well, take heart my friend; there is rescue!!! A new morning WILL come and it will be glorious!

How do I know?!? "In every storm and heartache, he carried me, especially when I couldn’t carry myself—and he does the same for you."

Feel completely helpless and hopeless for what's to come? Know God has a plan and it's for good. Even if it means temporary disappointment for what He has around the corner!!! Perhaps His withholding now is to bring about a greater YES! You're not forgotten our disappointment. He knows exactly where you are & He is simply ensuring that His best becomes ours.

Christine Caine says it beautifully "God loves you. God is good, God does good, and God is always working all things for our good—even through all the unexpected events (Romans 8:28). He doesn’t cause bad things to happen, but he’s always there leading us, working in the midst of them for our good. He always has a plan, purpose & destiny for our lives regardless of what we see going on." 

Stay in the story. Experience the rescue!


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