Love Never Fails - Happy Valentines

It's known as the "love passage" but there's some profound points of 1st Corinthians to recall & remember... love is not proud, self-seeking or easily angered; it keeps NO records of wrongs, 
LOVE does not delight in evil!! 
It ALWAYS protects, 
ALWAYS trusts, 
ALWAYS hopes and 
ALWAYS perseveres--- 
love truly conquers all and ultimately love NEVER FAILS! ....

Yes some of the words are left out (above in the passage) but bottom line; LOVE is the greatest evidence we're connected to the heart of Jesus; and even if we can do great things, when we don't live and operate in "loving" others then it's pointless....

Take a moment to slow down. Just think: there are people around the globe so void of love or feeling loved that it's crushing! Victims of abuse and sex-trafficking, people of the slums, the family member ex-communicated because of their "issues," the heartless man or woman was once a victim too... 

Perhaps if we changed our stance on days like today to be about loving others WELL, a lot more people would actually "feel" loved!!!!! Perhaps we can be the light someone needs to make them feel seen?! Perhaps you can be the voice or the one phone call they need to not feel all alone. Perhaps it's the smile and the "thanks for serving" to the gas attendant or the barista who's trying to earn their keeping. 

It says "they will know me by your love" when you put that in perspective; suddenly today shifts and hope bubbles! Love NEVER Fails! ;)HappH


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