Hearing His Voice Apart From The Hustle... a STILL WATERS Piece

Honored to have gotten to share some of my writing this week with Still Waters Publishing: "Hearing His Voice Apart from the Hustle" 

<repost: Have you ever heard the quote by Corrie Ten Boom, "If the devil cannot make us bad, he will make us busy?" Today's article by Wendy Henkelman address the key roles of busyness and stillness as they apply to finding and pursuing God's calling on our lives. What's keeping you busy? Is it worth it? Tell us what you think. Photo by @wj_blondie, post by @sarahverno>

I recently read an article about obedience over hustle and found it quite profound. The reality is if most of us were to look at our lives, rarely would we describe them as calm and restful. Agree? But instead of saying busy and chaotic, we throw around the word “hustle” like it’s a good thing.

Then who ever really talks about obedience? The big profound question in the article was what happens when we’re challenged to slow down the ‘hustle’ to focus more on what God is calling us to, or just to be more present?

I, like many of you, am not keen on the idea of too much rest, and I love the idea of “obedience” but naturally it’s so much easier when it’s on my terms. When it’s on God’s terms, that’s where we seem to have a lovely debate like “what not to wear” – I beg and plead God to tell me why it’s so good for me to keep doing that one thing? Like thinking I can still hang out with that one friend because seeing that friend isn’t “harmful” and therefore can’t be that bad… But in reality, seeing that friend is only “okay” and therefore it is robbing me of experiencing the best. But what if...



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