donuts with a side of joy?

making people smile….

If you had an entire day to make people smile, what would you do?  What about a 1/2 a day, or even an hour?  

I think I might go to a coffee shop and buy the next 10 cup of Joe's and sit back just to watch the smile's come across people's faces as they found out they had just received a free cup of coffee courtesy of a stranger they had no connection to before them!  
I might stand outside a grocery store with dozens of balloons. (yes it would take more than me to hold them so I didnt float away;) but I would stand outside and hand a balloon to each person that walked out of the store and ask them to make a wish and then let it go… just to be part of dreaming process with people.  

Or perhaps Id help inspire students to follow their career dreams by arranging for a handful of students to experience their "dreams coming to reality" by a day in the recording studio for musicians, or a day on the set of a film (for aspiring movie makers) 

Or what about a day on the job with a cupcake designer & pastry chef to the girl who wants to own her own shop someday!  

Ooh, ooh!  I'd arrange for people to meet their favorite author at a coffee shop 'by surprise' or for the video email from a family member to actually be in real life and the family member walk in to surprise their loved one at the end of the video.  

Ahhhhh, to live a life on purpose of loving people well. . . 
Or letting people feel special for even a moment!!

Isn't that what we're supposed to be about?  

How do we add joy to someones life?  

Even if it was for a few moments out of their day, who knows what it would do to feel 
the warmth of a hug, a laugh, or a smile, in the midst of a trial, 
perhaps no one else knows about? 

There's something that happens when people experience joy!  Agree? For a split moment all the cares and troubles in the world go away and all is well.  Perhaps theres a way to restore hope to someone broken before?  Perhaps theres a way to restore hope to someone betrayed, or someone forgotten? Someone down and out?  someone who's facing a life-threatening illness?  

Over the course of the next year, it is my goal to meet and make a difference in at least one persons life a day. Perhaps more!  (of course it would be wonderful if it would be more, but to step away from my own selfish pursuits and desires to be there for another….)  I dont know, maybe kiddos and performers have something in common??  A QUEST to make the person before them feel emotion, connect to their heart, and smile or perhaps feel there heart is alive, even perhaps with tears. 

Remember what it was like to laugh till your cheeks hurt?  

OR come alive upon hearing a song you loved, even made you cry?  
What about a child's way of affection and love towards you like you're their hero?  
Its the selfless acts of focusing on the people before you whether entertaining or simply doing life with, that when the focus is taken off of ourselves and onto the audience before us, it brings joy to all. . . perhaps this is a way of deeper serving and growing deeper?  

Perhaps acts of serving one another, or placing other's needs before ours is what brings even greater joy?  With the season of Christmas behind us and looking ahead to the year before us, perhaps theres something deeper that you too can do... You know, to bring a smile or two a day to someone close?  

Would you join me in the challenge? 1 smile 1 person daily.  


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