....I HAD to tell them

With a sigh of relief and some held back tears, I write this to say; I did not take the offer.  I HAVE to go with the peace, and here's why…

They say: You stumble upon your calling when your burdens collide with your passions!  

While I am passionate about fitness and stinkin love to work out (my friends know me best, I travel with a jump-rope in my suitcase and often bring DVDs when I know Im not close enough to a gym if its mid-winter) But I look at fitness and I just know it will always be part of my life. I'm committed to it and whether I teach or Coach or just train to run a fun race; I will ALWAYS be looking for a great workout with good jams!  And for me, at this point; my workout of choice is Orangetheory (yes its similar to a Crossfit like following. Heck, did you know 17,000 people do Orangetheory fitness workouts a day in the US?!?! But I assure you its not a cult!! ;)  So while I may be passionate about fitness, I already know; this is not my life-long calling. Simply said: I did not leave a full-time job at the largest radio network in the world to work at a gym. Im passionate about fitness. Its just not ultimately my calling.  My burdens do not necessarily lie here. . .

My burdens lie in the very fact that people are desperate to know truth and find hope today!
They have no idea how to escape their darkness; whether it be depression, an abusive relationship, too much money and not any real friends, an addictive cycle they cannot break, or simply feeling helpless, lost, or empty.

How do we reach someone to let them know they're not alone in their struggle and their journey?

How do we show people there IS Hope and there can be light at the end of the tunnel?

Almost 13 years ago I realized my passion for telling people's stories.  From encounters they had with God, 
testimonies of overcoming strife and hardship, stories of redemption in marriages that one time seemed hopeless to repair, healing from abuse, overcoming addictions, finding worth and hope and delivery…  Every where you turn is another story to tell!  And what is unique about my calling is a vision I believe starting to unfold!! 

When a good thing comes in one's path its easy to be deterred and pour all your efforts into that seeing it as good, right?  
But knowing its Best?  That is hard to tell.  

Sometimes you have to give up what's GOOD to get to what's BEST!  

A tough reality to swallow, let alone take ACTION on! 
I say all this because I've been challenged by decisions over the last two weeks that would have/could have forever impacted my life and the trajectory of it, had I chosen to take these offers.  I read an article today that had a line in it that totally checked me:
"What do you need to quit today, so you can pursue what you are created to do tomorrow?" 

And by this very statement, I was resolved…. 

I HAD to tell them.... 

I wasn't coming!  :(  

I know I say a lot how much I would LOVE to be in SoCAL & actually don't deny the thought that I am eventually called there to reside! 

 Storytelling through video and helping countless people and non-profits tell their stories through the lens of a camera or the words on a page is everything I want to be about!  I cannot tell you what next month holds beyond the projects Im pursuing and working on now, but its an exciting place to be in.  Im excited because THE TIMING COULDNT BE MORE PERFECT to actively and wholeheartedly pursue my vision for storytelling with Video and work (planning concerts too:)  There is also GREAT potential with VERTICAL to continue storytelling through these events and through videos!  This could explode in the long run!!!  I feel so blessed to be part of a team that believes in me, my gifts and talents enough to want me to promote and produce their events; AND they recognize the call, gifts and talents within my life to do videos and be the creative lead over these.  I'm excited for visions yet untold even JUST to do with creative storytelling  ((apart from Vertical, things in the mix right now;)  And cant wait to share these with you! . . . I hope to soon:)  PRAISE Jesus for his provision and work ahead!  

Today, I continue to "embrace my place" and that is in waiting. But THIS TIME it is Waiting WHILE Preparing!!   I cannot wait for things I haven't even thought of that are in store for the future and while the leap of faith to move is off the table; I actually believe the "leap of faith" IS in staying because of the unknown.

Pursuing. Creating. Writing. Storytelling. Preparing.
'Embracing my place' while I wait for what He has in store - one step at a time

and for now.... I'll continue to enjoy the journey!


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