its not too late...

"Write till your fingers bleed
tell stories till your voice runs out 
because it was WHAT YOU WERE MADE TO DO!

Mother or not
Woman or not
Because it fills you-
Because you love it-
Because it helps people-
Because you're YOU when you do it-
Everyone of us has been created ON purpose FOR a purpose! . . .

You've been called to do something to shape this world we live in!
You've been called and created by a holy God and this world needs you!
It's about SO much more than gender!

You might want to give up your calling because
you're scared out of your mind, or because people might think you're crazy?! 
Because you don't think you'll live up to your parents legacy...  

What are we gonna do?!?
If we left the world-changing, 
                        the storytelling, 
                                   the songwriting, 
                                               and the movement making to the 
                                               the "Perfect" 
                                                    the "Never-afraid," 
                             ...NONE of it would happen!

IF you live a life of radical and honest prayer
IF you allow yourself to be led by God's spirit; 
No matter how far you're led from home, or it's familiarity, 
You won't EVER have to Worry about what you wanna BE when you grow up!!  

Why?  Because You'll be TOO BUSY LIVING! 
Living a life of Passion and Daring... 
A celebration of Creativeness and Calling.... 
A lovesong to the God who made you ON purpose and For a purpose!
A God who created you from dust... and one offers you to the world! 
An offering of healing and love....
That is what my mother taught me"

I woke up to a dozen emails that come through the night into my inbox.  "oooh what love do I have today?" I think, as I scroll through mostly junk. . . Then STORYLINE!  

"Ahhh, they usually have interesting topics.  What's this?  Something about "Why a Mother's Passions Matter"  But Im not a mom... Hmmm, Ill come back to it" and I continue to scroll. 

As I happened to have a few minutes later in my afternoon between other emails and appointments I came back to this email and read about Shauna!  "I love her!  Omgosh, and Q IDEAS?!? Cant wait to see what they have to say about mothers!"(sarcastically thinking)  But the funny thing is I usually DO love Q IDEAS, I ALWAYS am encouraged challenged and inspired by Shauna's writing and well, Storyline is pretty much always awesome.  So why the hesitation?  Because, well. . . .Im not a mother. Yet anyways.  How is this supposed to impact me?   I started to skim...  Two minutes later and Im down to the end thinking "I wonder if I have time to watch this now?!"   But I save it for "gym time" because I look forward to that hour of cardio with great music or good teachings even sermons to catch up on. 

And so fast forward to the gym, I place my feet on the steps and begin to glide, and WOAH! HOLY BUCKETS this is awesome!  I'm so thrilled I listened to this today! I thought of dreams I had years ago, dreams I let go and dreams I didnt want to let die, even if people didnt value them... I was reminded WHY and WHO and WHAT I was doing at this very season of life.  Mother or not. Female or not (this was for everyone!) And in light of last night's updates and yesterday's blog and BIG Decision to LEAP by STAYING PUT (I know, sounds backwards right?!:)
this Q IDEAS talk was SPOT ON and RIGHT ON TIME!!  Thank you Jesus!!   

And so I wanted to share it with you. . . Hope as you watch this video, it will spark some thoughts, perhaps even get you to think about those dreams of yours!  Whether they're dusty and on a shelf tucked away, or at the forefront of your mind and need just a pick me up to encourage what you're in the midst of pursuing or continuing envision as goals and passions, remember as Storyline put it: 
unless you act on those visions, the world won’t be as complete as it could be.

Now its your turn to view and take a few minutes to just simply listen.  
See how you're moved.  IF you start to dream.  Listen as Shauna shares wisdom and advice from someone who knows how painful life is when you're not living out of your passion! (her Mom) Shauna says she found her voice in her 40s and her vocation in her 50s, and says: "The good news is its NOT TOO LATE for anyone of you - man or woman! You dont have to do it like I did. Dont wait!  Dont wait to pursue your calling - whatever your season!  Keep the dreams alive!  Dont let logistics stand in the way of calling - its not worth it!  Dont give up... what you're doing is important!" 

I hope you know they are!!!
Im NOT.  

This journey is STILL GOING and ITS Getting EVEN BETTER!!  :-D  Why not enjoy it by fulfilling your dreams?!?


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