overcoming the illusion

"Define yourself as ONE Beloved by God - THIS is the TRUE SELF.  Every Other Identity is an illusion" 

I've come to a place where I know who I am...What a sweet place to be! 

No I haven't arrived, but there's so many things that play into this: my identity is not based off another 
man's thoughts about me; how well I perform, how thin or pretty I am; how well educated I portray myself to be; how popular or not; trendy or stylish; strong; meek; rich; outgoing; humble; even grateful.... 
As a daughter, a friend, a girlfriend, a colleague or an employee, my worth has been established by one who thinks I am royalty! 

The best part?! It's not based off any of the things I can achieve and I've already been declared set apart and worthy of value and love! 

The even greater part? You are too!! 

Living in an illusion of self is the lie we have to battle on a daily basis.... 
When you know you are truly HIS BELOVED it becomes the only way to live and have our being. (Now if only I can reflect this daily)


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